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Jan 13 2023

Jumpstart 2023 with Agribusiness Solutions from Barchart

With a new year comes new goals and improved strategies - and Barchart is here to help. Barchart continues to focus on developing new tools, datasets and analytics for agribusiness decision-making and workflows related to grain bid/offer management, merchandising and hedging. Let us help you jumpstart your 2023 with these agribusiness solutions from Barchart! 

cmdtyView - cmdtyView is Barchart’s best-in-class commodity trading platform. cmdtyView provides grain elevators with the most comprehensive suite of agribusiness solutions to grow their business. It’s the only agricultural data terminal built for the modern web, and it gives users access to cash grain prices, futures execution, and advanced analytics delivered all from their browser. To discover all the capabilities of cmdtyView, request a free trial

Producer Mobile Apps - Barchart’s ecosystem for grain merchandising workflows also includes the award-winning AgTech platform, Marketplace Apps. Marketplace connects producers directly into grain merchandiser workflows by linking producer-facing apps to cmdtyView, which sits on merchandiser desktops. Marketplace allows agribusinesses to easily originate, contract, sign, and hedge grain in a completely digital environment. To learn how you can grow your business right from your phone, request a Marketplace demo today.

Hedge Management - cmdtyView Hedge is the latest digital workflow solution added to the Barchart AgTech ecosystem. With cmdtyView Hedge, agribusinesses can now autohedge for grain in cmdtyView. Barchart already connects producers and grain buyers by linking Marketplace apps to cmdtyView - the addition of cmdtyView Hedge unlocks more efficiency by creating automated hedge orders for open offers and then pushing grain contracts and hedge executions directly into an agribusiness’s ERP system when an offer matches.

Website Content -  In addition to AgTech platforms, did you know Barchart also offers website hosting for Agribusinesses? Our agribusiness-focused, mobile responsive templates will give you a head start on your websites and apps. These can be self-managed with our CMS and are hosted through Amazon Web Services. For existing products hosted through third parties, our content can be incorporated as pre-built widgets or via API for a more customized look and feel.  Make the most of your online presence with our rich selection of data, content, and tools. 

ERP Connectivity - Using Barchart’s best-in-class ERP connectivity network, our digital workflows seamlessly sync to and from each agribusiness’ ERP system. This allows producers to see real-time grain accounting information, including their contracts and scale tickets, in Marketplace and new grain contracts and hedges to flow directly into the ERP system. This paves the way for producers and merchandisers to digitize their workflow as efficiently as possible.

Market Data APIs - Get the commodity prices you need, when you need them with our commodity data APIs. Consume data direct from the source and integrate it into your software solutions. Our commodity data APIs include Commodity Price APIs, Economic Data & Commodity Statistics, Commodity Indexes & Grain Prices.

We will also be hitting the road this year and coming to a city near you! Here are the events you can meet us st in Q1:

  • Jan 13-14 | ADMIS IB Conference 2023 in Las Vegas
  • Jan 26-27 | White Commercial Master Management Conference in Clearwater
  • Jan 31-Feb 1 | EFC Systems Agribusiness Summit in Des Moines
  • Feb 1-3 | NCBA in New Orleans
  • Feb 2 | CVA Producer Summit in Beloit
  • Feb 7 | Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit in Des Moines
  • Feb 26-Mar 1 | Int'l Sweetener Colloquium in Palm Springs
  • Feb 27-Mar 1 | StoneX Ag & Dairy Market Outlook in Las Vegas
  • Feb 28-Mar 2 | National Ethanol Conference in Orlando
  • Mar 14-16 | FIA Boca
  • Mar 21-23 | NGFA Convention in Palm Springs, CA

Let Barchart help you grow your business and work towards your goals this year! To meet with Barchart during any of the above events or to learn more about Barchart's solutions for agribusinesses, please contact us at

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