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Oct 25 2022

Stay in the Know With Barchart Commodity News

Barchart may be your trusted data provider, with extensive commodity data and information to serve all your commodity trading needs. However, Barchart provides more than just our first-in-class data. Barchart is also a trusted, relevant news source for all agricultural commodity updates and communication through our Commodity Newswires

With the Commodity Newswires lite feed, you can access everything from USDA reports to NASS releases and updates to benchmark grain prices and commodity market commentary.  While this may be the lite version of our news service, it is packed with useful timely updates to keep you in the know at all times. No matter your position in the agriculture industry, feel equipped to tackle tough decisions and urgent situations with Barchart’s AgLite news feed

If you are a commodity professional looking for the best of the best, we’ve got you covered.  cmdtyView includes all the perks of the best-in-class commodity data and analytics platform in addition to providing a premium news source that supplies exclusive content surrounding cash markets, global exchange reports and updates, and proprietary updates on cash bids, basis reports, regional commodity trading, and CBOT price benchmarks. In addition to market headlines, market analysis, and industry insider commentary being available for your own use through cmdtyView, Commodity Newswires can also connect to client-facing applications to drive news ROI and customer engagement.

Newswire from Barchart is a key tool in your toolkit to access the actionable commodity news, market analysis, and proprietary data you need to make business-critical decisions every day. To find out how you too can utilize this invaluable resource, visit our website today. 

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