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Aug 30 2021

Instant Onboard for Growers

Our Marketplace Apps were designed to make the workflows of agribusinesses and farmers more manageable and efficient. At Barchart, we are dedicated to continuously improving and enhancing our products with new features for our customers, and we’re happy to announce our latest update to Marketplace Apps with instant onboarding for growers!

Why did we make this update? We wanted to give users a quick and easy way to sign up for Marketplace Apps. Our customers are constantly on the go, so requiring a user to stop what they are doing and log in to their email address to verify their information was an inconvenient process.

Now, a user can conveniently use either their email or phone number with our new instant onboard approach. When a user downloads the app, they will be presented with the screen shown below. If the user is already in our system, they'll be logged in right away - easy as pie!

If the user is not already in our system, an additional screen will show up letting them know that with more information, they'll be able to use all features available within Marketplace Apps. Plus, if we already have the user's phone number, their ERP data will be automatically synced! 

As one of the top requests from our customers, this immensely improves the ease of use for users to sign up for Marketplace Apps and we’re excited to improve the workflow of our customers that much more. 

With elevator-branded Marketplace Apps, best-in-class commodity analytics, and the broadest agriculture content ecosystem available, Barchart provides grain buyers with the most comprehensive suite of agribusiness solutions to grow their business. To get started, contact us at or schedule a demo.

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