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Jun 24 2020

Commodity Trading Made Easy

Commodity Trading Software

Your commodity trading workflow demands powerful data and tools - cmdty by Barchart delivers exactly what you need in one place. Built entirely from a native HTML5 application that is responsive, powerful, and designed to be a true end-to-end workflow solution for commodity trading - cmdtyView allows users to analyze data, make a decision, and then quickly put it into action.

cmdtyView features include:

Advanced Charting

Get our best-in-class charting capabilities delivered to you on any device. Drag, drop, pan, add studies... we have it all and can support even the most advanced analytics including forward curves and seasonals. Customize charting views to your needs with historical commodity prices and streaming updates. Choose from aggregations including intraday, daily, or even monthly data to display charts which suit your workflow.

Commodity Trading Charting

Commodity News

Get actionable commodity news, market analysis, and proprietary data sets directly in cmdtyView. Whether you need the latest in USDA headlines, hard-hitting analysis of the grain market, or access to Dow Jones, cmdtyView has the new feeds you need.

Commodity News

Excel Tools

Take the data you already pay for and power your complex models directly in Excel. Build charts and curves, stream commodity prices in excel, and pull deep historical data in a flexible and scalable environment. Tied to the cmdtyView terminal - our desktop solutions give users everything they need for modern workflow.

Stream Commodity Prices in Excel

Economic Calendar

cmdtyView gives you access to the only economic calendar purpose-built for commodity markets. Easily chart and analyze the most important USDA releases and economic events that matter to commodity professionals - access anywhere and at any time.

Economic Calendar

Mobile Access

Stay in touch with the markets on the go or while working remotely with the cmdtyView app. With mobile access to all commodity news and commodity price reports as well as customized commodity price alerts staying on top of the markets has never been easier. Download the iOS app to access cmdtyView on your iPhone and iPad here or download cmdtyView to your Android here!

Mobile Commodity Trading

cmdtyView provides you with the data and tools you need to trade commodities better. Sign up for a free trial of cmdtyView here or contact us at to get started.

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