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Jan 24 2020

Webinar Recap | Stream Commodity Prices in Excel

We recently released cmdtyView Excel, a new solution for streaming market data in Excel alongside physical commodities pricing, and global fundamental data. cmdtyView Excel makes it easy to power bespoke research and analysis from any desktop. In our latest webinar, our Head of Strategy, Keith Petersen, gave a detailed look into cmdtyView Excel and explained how it can be used to make better business decisions. Here’s an overview of what he covered…

What is cmdtyView Excel?
cmdtyView Excel is the most powerful tool for analysis and commodity workflows. With futures prices, physical data, and fundamentals at your fingertips cmtyView excel really is whatever you need it to be. With cmdtyView Excel you can create a custom dashboard that’s built specifically for your workflow. Whether you need to build ad-hoc analysis or models you can run repeatedly, this add-in solution provides you with the tools you need for deep analysis and insight.

What’s inside cmdtyView Excel?

  • Real-Time Data - Access real-time market data, available globally, to dynamically power your analysis. You can set up advanced alerts, triggers, or custom functions that allow you to take immediate action.
  • Global Market Data - Global market data from all of the major futures exchanges including CME Group, ICE, Euronext, Dalian Commodity Exchange, and many more. You can stream this data directly into your Excel workbook - even if you don’t have a real-time license.
  • Deep Historical Data - If you need historical data, we’ve got it. With full history for millions of data series, you can build predictive models to help you make better decisions.
  • Physical / Cash Data - cmdtyView Excel is packed with all of the exclusive physical cash pricing that our customers rely on. From cash transactions and geospatial intelligence, you’ll be ahead of the market.
  • Indexes / Benchmarks - Commodity index data that brings price transparency to commodity markets, allowing you to enhance your benchmarking and performance measurement.
  • Commodity Statistics - Deep coverage of global commodity statistics and fundamental data. Combine global market data, cash pricing, and information like production, exports, and inventories.

What happens when you put all this data together? You get the most powerful tool for analysis and commodity workflows!

Who should use cmdtyView Excel?

  • Grain Buyers and Commodity Traders - These are people that need access to real-time market data for their day-today-workflows. With easy access to real-time data, Grain Buyers and Commodity Traders can pull that data into custom models and make better pricing decisions.
  • Analysts and Economists - cmdtyView excel is a great tool for research. In addition to commodity data, it also supports company-related information such as analyst ratings, estimates, and financial statements. This provides analysts and economists with the data they need to power recurring reports, automate opportunity identification, or just satisfy a near-term deliverable quickly.
  • Risk Managers - cmdtyView excel provides Risk Managers with real-time data for commodities, equities, and global forex in one simple tool. This can be used to complement an existing set of tools and stay on top of the business without waiting for feature enhancements that may never come.

How to get started / Pre-built Templates

Getting cmdtyView Excel up and running is incredibly easy! After you download it from our website, and easily install the tool, you can immediately get started. It’s super user-friendly - you can pull quote data, historical data and build formulas without any prior experience with excel add-ins. For more advanced use cases, we built templates to help users to get started. These are designed to help people with very specific workflows. Take a look at a few of them below!

#1: Cash Forward and Basis Seasonality Monitor

With this template, you can calculate the historical basis for any relevant growing area within the United States for any given month going back to 2016. This allows you to chart current cash forward prices against historical averages to see where grain is rich in terms of basis pricing. Users can view year-by-year seasonality for their grain buying region and create forward models for the current year based on their own projections. Additionally, our yield forecasts can be used to predict USDA estimates and identify where supply is going to be.

#2: U.S. Crop Production Model

This template will allow users to use USDA data and our Yield Estimates to build production forecasts at the state and national levels. The final numbers from USDA recently came out and our soybean estimate was spot on with their number. Users can also incorporate county-level information or pull in the cmdty Grain Price Index forward curve to identify opportunities for hedging or speculation.

#3: U.S. Crude Oil Pipeline Dashboard

This template provides an instant overview of all relevant varieties of North America cash crude oil prices that are posted by major pipeline operators. When combined with our
cmdty Retail Fuel Price Indexes users can identify where strength or weakness is likely to occur in retail ULSD markets.

#4: Scrap Yard Pricing Dashboard

This dashboard enables scrapyards to give live scrap prices out to their scrapper network - updates come with every futures tick. Users can create custom metal compositions by using streaming prices from COMEX, LME, and Shanghai. This template also allows users to use historical basis information to provide pricing offsets based on the price of scrap in a specific area.

You can take a look and download all of our templates here.

To learn more or to subscribe for a free trial of cmdtyView Excel, click here.

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