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Get to market faster with real-time data feeds available through Barchart. We make it easy to power your software, trading strategies, or risk management system with data you can count on.

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Power your business with dependable real-time price data

Your business responds in real-time, so should your data. Let Barchart help by delivering real-time data that you can rely on.

Discover how Barchart OnDemand can get you to market faster than you thought possible

Deploy real-time streaming charts in as little as three lines of code with our Charting Library

Minimize your overall data spend by consolidating functions that aren't core to your business

Feed your algos or black box trading solutions with reliable data

Use Barchart Stream to drive your front-end trading software

Power charting and risk systems with flexible feeds that scale with your business

With our global coverage of futures, equities, indexes, forex, crypto, and commodities, you're always ready to scale for new opportunities.




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We deliver data exactly how you need it

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