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EOD | End of Day Data

Get end of day commodity prices, equity data, and spot market information delivered over API or through file services. Barchart's EOD pricing data is the industry standard for global coverage of financial and commodity markets.

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Expand your business with global data from Barchart

We cover the world so you can grow your business globally. Never miss an opportunity because you don't have the data you need.

Access tick-level information, bid ask data, and depth of market through APIs or File Services

One-time data sales, as well as daily update services are available, and can be customized to meet your requirements

Discover how Barchart OnDemand can get you to market faster than you ever thought was possible

Barchart’s redundant data integrity policies ensures our data meets the highest standards of accuracy

With our global coverage of futures, equities, indexes, foreign exchange, crypto, and commodities you’re always ready to scale for new opportunities.




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