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Drive your entire business from front to back office with delayed exchange data from Barchart. Our consolidated feeds can power your product, services, with global coverage of commodity prices, stock quotes, and trade executions.

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Spend more time selling and less time integrating

Getting data into your products and services has never been easier. We make it simple to design, build, and deploy to your customers so you can focus on monetization.

Global coverage of exchange data, OTC prices, and commodities all in one consolidated feed

Discover how Barchart OnDemand can get you to market faster than you thought possible

Access tick-level information, bid ask data, and depth of market through the protocol of your choice

Deploy streaming charts in as little as three lines of code with our Charting Library

Use Barchart Stream to drive your front-end trading software

Power charting and risk systems with flexible feeds that scale with your business

Streamline your workflows with our well documented technology while minimizing your overall data spend by outsourcing functions that aren't core to your business.




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We deliver data exactly how you need it

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