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Jul 31 2020

Access Free Data for Ag Economics Programs

Are you a professor in search of a way to provide hands-on learning in your classroom in order to allow your students to apply real-life data to their curriculum? Or do you need a variety of data in order to conduct academic research? Barchart is here to provide you with free data and tools for your Ag Economics programs.

With free access to cutting edge data, you can create engaging projects for students, publish research more easily, and create better student outcomes by building familiarity with the tools they’ll use after graduation. Barchart fuels Ag Econ programs with Grain Benchmark Data, our Cash Bids Database, Yield Forecasts, Geospatial Weather Data, and more!

Our Grain Price and Basis Indexes are the only benchmark for physical grain in North America. These indexes are commonly used in building grain marketing strategies, as benchmarks for contracts, and as objective prices for Crop Insurance and Ag Lending. Barchart can provide you with a simple-to-use API that allows you to compare cash prices with futures prices for academic research, while also providing the same data to your students for statistical analysis.

In addition to grain benchmark data, our cash grain bids database gives Ag Econ professionals access to the leading database for current and historical North American grain bids. This data is collected from over 4,000 locations throughout the United States, our bids are best in class and allow for comparison between indexed values and actual bids.

Our yield forecasts allow academic professionals to get better information faster than traditional USDA reports. With exclusive access to forecast data that is ahead of the curve, you can build robust pricing models for futures, or combine with our basis indexes to build a crop marketing strategy.

Lastly, our weather data includes Growing Condition Indexes, which allow you to instantly see on a scale from 0-100 exactly how growing conditions compare to historical seasons. The data in these growing condition indexes forms the basis of our Yield Forecast Indexes. We also provide Advanced Ag Weather Factors through our CropFactors API. This provides weather data/factors specific to the Ag Industry including satellite imagery derived weather factors, like Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI), and Land Surface Temperature (LSTD & LSTN). Station collected weather data, like air temperature (TMAX & TMIN), and accumulated precipitation (PRCP) is also available.

In addition to all of the data available, Ag Econ professionals also receive one free cmdtyView Pro and cmdtyView Excel license. cmdtyView Pro, our flagship commodity trading platform, will provide you with global exchange data, physical commodity prices, futures execution, and advanced analytics. And sometimes you can’t do everything you need to in a software platform, so we also provide you with access to our Excel Add-In, cmdtyView Excel, which was designed for deep analysis and research that can help you automate and improve your workflows, taking your research and analysis to the next level.

With access to our free data and tools, you will have the best data in Agriculture for academic research, in-class use, and to build engaging class projects for your students. To learn more about Barchart’s free data and tools for Ag Economic Programs, please click here.

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