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Jun 16 2021

Barchart’s Grain Accounting Integration with Oakland Corporation

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Oakland Corporation, a trusted provider of software and IT solutions within the agricultural industry to integrate their ERP software solutions within our Marketplace Apps. This new integration will allow agribusinesses, using Oakland’s leading grain accounting solutions, to provide producers with secure access to contracts and scale tickets in mobile apps that are fully branded to their business.

Did you know Marketplace apps connect seamlessly with cmdtyView, Barchart’s leading grain merchandiser platform? Well they do, and because of this, you can simplify your workflows through offer management, chat, grower data, and eSign for grain contracts. This partnership also allows Oakland to access Barchart’s market leading network of over 3,000 grain elevators to integrate any of these digital features into Oakland’s own products and services.

With a cmdty Marketplace app you can increase producer engagement, move more grain, and drive your business forward. Experience Marketplace live and in action to see all the benefits and features you can leverage into your workflow - click here to watch our demo video. Ready to get started? Contact us here or drop us a line at

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