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May 12 2021

5 Reasons to Use cmdtyView this Growing Season

Warming temperatures and blooming spring flowers can only mean one thing - the 2021 growing season is officially on the horizon for producers across the great plains. While this time of the year can be a busy and stressful time for some, cmdty by Barchart is equipping grain buyers and merchandisers with access to the latest data and workflow solutions to help them buy more grain and boost their business forward. 

Delivered entirely from a native HTML5 application that is powerful, responsive and mobile, cmdtyView Pro has been designed with grain buyers in mind. This robust software solution is complete with tools that help users simplify their workflows, manage risk more effectively and ultimately focus more on their core business. Plus, we’ll walk you through how our elevator-branded Marketplace Apps are seamlessly integrated with cmdtyView Pro to simplify workflows for grain buyers even further.

Take a look at the 5 reasons grain buying professionals are turning to cmdtyView to assist them during the 2021 growing season:

1. Commodity Data Mapping Technology: Our suite of geospatial tools provides users with powerful mapping tools to visually analyze any agricultural, energy, or advanced weather dataset in our data ecosystem. This includes local and regional grain prices, basis values, and fair value indexes, along with fuel prices and advanced crop factors like NDVI.

Users can map a vast amount of commodity statistics and fundamental data both geospatially and temporally with a few simple clicks, including crop progress and condition reports, alongside yield and production figures - inclusive of our proprietary cmdty Yield Forecasts.

2. Yield and Production Forecasts: Utilize Barchart's proprietary Yield and Production Forecasts to weigh the impact on the markets, plan operations, and consult with your customers before traditional USDA reports are released. Updated daily basis with access to crop reporting district and county-level estimates, crop production forecasts from cmdty by Barchart provide users with a complete picture of supply for U.S. grain. As of this season, forecasts will be available for corn, beans and wheat for both the U.S. and Canada.

3. Best-in-Class Cash Grain Bids: Make sure your bids are competitive while protecting your bottom line with Barchart's industry-leading cash grain bid database. We source bids for spot and all forward delivery periods across 4,000+ grain buying locations.  With our proprietary volume-weighted price assessments calculated for corn, beans and wheat at the county-level, you can compare your bids to your neighbors' as well as to a reliable, independent county-level assessment.

4. Advanced Charting: Use our professional seasonal charting capabilities to compare crop progress across each growing stage against previous years’ results, all on a single overlay chart. Judge for yourself whether the planting, emerging and other stages are on track with the norm. Our responsive and fully customizable HTML5 interactive charts go where you go - and on any device. Never be without the high-performance charts you need.

5. Connect your world with Marketplace: Grow your business faster than you ever thought possible with branded mobile apps that connect your merchandisers to their customers, and provide farmers with access to scale tickets, contracts, and offers right on their phone. Marketplace Apps seamlessly integrates with cmdtyView Pro - making Marketplace an all-encompassing solution from start to finish. Build better relationships with your producers with better data and information when you get started with Marketplace.

Jump headfirst into the 2021 growing season with the most reliable tool currently available for grain buyers that can fit right in the palm of your hand. cmdtyView stands alone as the only commodity trading solution that provides global market coverage of both futures and physical commodity pricing, proprietary indexes and forecasts, and deep fundamental data, while allowing users to transact physical commodities, schedule logistics and transportation, and execute exchange-cleared trades. Plus with easy integration to the merchandiser's desktop and your grain accounting system using Marketplace - the choice is easy. 

To sign up for a free cmdtyView trial, please visit our website.


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