Commodity Leaders 150 Index

cmdty150 index

A Smart Factor-based ranking of the leading commodity firms in North America

Leaders in Commodities

The cmdty150 is designed to recognize commodity-focused firms - both large and small - that are driving results for their shareholders. Our proprietary methodology ensures the Ag, Energy, and Metals leaders of both today and tomorrow are represented

Factor-Based Index

cmdtyIndexes’ transparent Smart Factor model uses cutting edge systematic index construction techniques to deliver an index that captures factors which have historically been associated with alpha generation

Recognition of Success

Firms found in the benchmark cmdty150 index are leaders in their field. This accomplishment is a recognition of excellence and an honor for the limited number of firms included each year

An Intelligent Commodity Index

The cmdty150 Index factor-based design recognizes not only the leading firms of today, but also identifies firms that will drive innovation and results in the Commodity industry going forward. An intelligent, insightful, and transparent benchmark bringing together the Agriculture, Energy, and Metals industries.


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