Commodities Weekly & Daily Report Series

A weekly publication designed to help traders, analysts, marketers, and end-users make more confident decisions as they manage physical and exchange traded commodities - all packaged with our invaluable daily market preview.

  • Develop confidence in your pricing and business strategy by referencing our analysis of key events affecting commodities markets
  • Identify your next opportunity by analyzing seasonal price history and plotting this against the core fundamental trends
  • Analyze weekly price activity across Grains, Livestock, Energy, Metals, and Indexes to get ahead of the competition, and stay up-to-date with daily price action
  • cmdtyInsights Commodities Weekly is delivered via PDF to your email each Thursday evening and our Daily report arrives in your inbox first thing each and every weekday

CRB Yearbook

The book of record for data on physical commodities and futures markets around the world.

With authoritatively sourced content from government reports, private industry, industrial associations, and unmatched historical scope, CRB Yearbook is the single most comprehensive source of physical commodity and futures market information.

Exclusive analysis includes:
  • Analysis of key commodities markets
  • U.S. economic trends and analysis
  • Global economic trends and analysis
  • Identification of trends in supply and demand
  • Projecting important price movements
  • Seasonal patterns and trends