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cmdtyStats™ is the premier source of aggregated commodity statistics – all made available in one easy to use API – and built into the cmdtyView® terminal

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The portal for fundamental commodity data and statistics

Boost your efficiency by getting all the data you need in one place with built-in reliability and seamless integration into your workflow.

Energy Data

Petroleum and Natural Gas production, storage, and stocks available with extensive history and regional precision

Agriculture Data

Simple access to food and agriculture data for major countries and territories – with data going back decades

Metals Data

Coming soon, key fundamental statistics on the Metals industry including production, consumption, and trade

Economic Statistics

Statistics coverage trade flows, production, and consumption – over many different commodity products

Simple to use aggregated data available over API

  • Supply & Demand
  • Production & Consumption
  • Imports & Exports
  • Grain stocks, acres planted, and harvested
  • Stocks and Inventories

Seamless integration into your team’s workflow

  • Data available over API or desktop
  • Subscription packages available for teams down to single users
  • Increase the efficiency with which your team collects information

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