By joining the CPN, more users than ever can access our global cash prices to make the best decisions possible.

- Michel Clement

Founder and CEO of Commodity3


How Commodity3 Distributes Their Cash Prices to a Large Audience of Commodity Professionals

Meet Commodity3

Commodity3 is a website dedicated to Commodity and Energy markets. Created in 2009, Commodity3 provides clients with calendar term structures derived from the value of futures markets, as well as physical prices and their historical time series. These swap values are obtained through a genuine mathematical model based on exchange traded futures. The website provides subscribers with derivatives, graphs, statistics, fundamental analysis, research, news and reports relevant to the commodity and energy markets.

The Problem

Commodity3 has been providing their loyal website users with commodity and energy prices since 2009, but they wanted to be able to reach a larger, more established audience. Commodity3 was looking for a distribution channel they could use to expand the amount of professionals using their data.

The Solution

Commodity3 discovered the Commodity Pricing Network (CPN), a network designed to increase transparency in global commodity markets by facilitating access to global commodity prices from leading brokerages and traders of physical commodities, and decided it would be the perfect fit since Barchart has deep roots within the commodity industry and a large, trusting network.

Commodity3 now makes their reliable cash prices for grains & oilseeds, meal & feed, fertilizers, dairy & livestock available for subscription through the CPN. All pricing contributed by Commodity3 is available for users to access through cmdtyView Pro, cmdtyView for Excel, or through a Barchart enterprise data solution.

“Barchart offered us a one-of-a kind opportunity by allowing us to join the Commodity Pricing Network,” said Michel Clement, Founder and CEO of Commodity3. “Now, more users than ever can access our global cash prices to make the best decisions possible,” added Clement.

“Adding Commodity3’s fantastic data to our offering will greatly benefit our users,” said Mark Haraburda, CEO of Barchart. “With access to global cash prices for commodities from all major ports worldwide, they’ll be able to keep a complete pulse on the markets,” added Haraburda.

By partnering with Barchart and joining the CPN, Commodity3 was able to greatly expand the distribution of their commodity and energy market pricing to a wide, diverse audience.

To learn more about Commodity3, please visit To learn more about the Commodity Pricing Network, please click here.

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