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Apr 30 2024

Introducing producerView, a CRM Application Built Specifically for Grain Merchandisers and Originators

We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our suite of solutions for agribusinesses: producerView, an off-the-shelf CRM application tailored specifically for grain merchandising, origination, and fostering producer relationships. producerView aims to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost with its off-the-shelf approach - requiring no heavy installation or install fees.

producerView is a web-based application that effortlessly integrates with Barchart's grain buying workflows within cmdtyView, Marketplace apps, and an agribusiness' ERP system, such as offer management, contracts, eSign capabilities, and producer-specific data. Leveraging Barchart's extensive network of ERP connectivity partners, producerView can enhance a client's ERP investment by consolidating all important information and data associated with grain procurement, providing a comprehensive solution for managing producer interactions.

The four main categories of features include core, origination, accounting, and analysis. Here are some more details to give you an idea of what to expect…

Core features are essential to managing business relationships, whether you need to find a phone number, birthday of a long-term customer or need to search notes from a call during last harvest, producerView CRM provides you with the tools to get the job done.

Grain Origination features are the essence of your grain buying, procurement and hedging business. From competitive bid monitoring to the calculation and distribution of bids to managing offers and contracts, producerView makes running your business easier and more organized.

Accounting: Barchart’s producerView CRM puts key producer data in your hands providing you with a complete picture of your grain-buying relationship. Through our partner integrations, producerView enhances your ERP investment by working hand-in-hand.

Analysis: No CRM is complete without the ability to analyze customer data and generate reports. With producerView’s built-in analytics, identifying trends, top customers, and generating client reports is a breeze. And with Barchart’s AI copilot, you’ll be able to perform relationship management tasks more efficiently than ever before.

Collaborating closely with our cloud technology provider, we've expanded producerView beyond its core CRM features, integrating a host of AI tools! The Barchart AI Copilot is a practical AI assistant designed to streamline tasks for our clients. This includes automatically generating relevant customer reports and communications, posing analytical questions on producer data, and executing tasks like bid updates using simple natural language commands.

The best part? Getting started couldn’t be easier. Because there is no customization or installation required, to start using producerView, you can contact us here or reach out directly to your Barchart Sales Representative. We look forward to showing you all that producerView is capable of!

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