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Jan 18 2024

We Partnered With AgVision to Empower Growers With Streamlined Data Access

We’ve partnered with AgVision, a leading agribusiness software provider, to enhance relationships between agribusinesses and growers.  Through this partnership mutual clients can now access real-time grain accounting information from AgVision, including scale tickets and contracts, within Barchart's elevator-branded Marketplace mobile apps and online grower portals.  This provides growers with the information they need to enhance their decision-making capabilities, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and profitability.

Marketplace Desktop and Apps are powered by Barchart’s leading ERP/grain accounting connectivity, which allows growers to easily access contracts and scale tickets, evaluate offers, monitor cash bids, and follow breaking ag news all in one platform. 


In addition to empowering growers with streamlined data access, Marketplace apps and online grower portals help streamline agribusiness workflows by connecting seamlessly with cmdtyView - a grain merchandiser’s command center to access and analyze the markets, manage offers, place hedges, issue contracts and manage customer relationships. 

As a leading provider of data and workflow solutions to the agribusiness community, Barchart is dedicated to empowering our clients with tools that enhance their accessibility of grain buying and selling. With grain bid management solutions, branded Marketplace apps and desktop portals, and a best-in-class commodity trading and analytics platform - cmdtyView Pro, our comprehensive suite of agribusiness solutions enables our clients to grow their business and achieve their goal.  ​​To learn more about these solutions or to join our network of agribusiness clients and service providers, please contact us today.

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