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May 16 2023

Barchart Empowers Data Analysis with Tableau and Power BI Integration

We are thrilled to announce the integration of our market data with two leading Business Intelligence (BI) platforms, Tableau and Power BI! This strategic integration will empower clients to harness the power of robust market data APIs seamlessly by leveraging Barchart’s native data connectors within their preferred BI environments, enhancing their decision-making capabilities and accelerating data-driven insights.

This integration streamlines the data analysis process for users who rely on these popular platforms. By combining the rich functionality of Tableau and Power BI with Barchart's comprehensive market data ecosystem, users gain access to a wealth of financial and commodity data, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay ahead in today's complex markets.

With Barchart's extensive range of market data, including real-time and historical data, and fundamental data, businesses can harness the power of accurate and timely information. 

By integrating Barchart's market data with Tableau and Power BI, users can leverage the intuitive data visualization capabilities of these platforms, presenting information in an easily digestible and interactive format. This integration not only facilitates a streamlined workflow but also offers a more efficient and dynamic way to analyze market trends, identify patterns, and communicate insights.

To learn more about how to connect Barchart data in Tableau or Power BI, please visit or contact our enterprise data team to schedule a demo.

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