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Mar 16 2023

Marketplace Desktop: The Ultimate Online Grower Portal for Agribusinesses

Are you an agribusiness looking for an easy way to streamline your grain trading workflows and connect more effectively with growers? Look no further than Marketplace Desktop - an all-new online grower portal service!

Marketplace Desktop empowers agribusinesses to connect more effectively with growers and streamline grain trading workflows. Each portal is customized for the agribusiness with their own branding, private grower access, and data, and is included with a license to Barchart's award-winning Marketplace Apps.

So, what's the big deal about Marketplace Desktop and Apps? Well, Marketplace Desktop and Apps increase engagement between growers and grain merchandisers by linking growers with cmdtyView - a grain merchandiser's command center to access and analyze the markets, manage offers, place hedges, issue contracts, and manage customer relationships. Essentially, Marketplace Desktop and Apps make it easy for growers and merchandisers to work together seamlessly.

Marketplace Desktop also enhances producer communication, access, and relationships. The platform is powered by Barchart's leading ERP/grain accounting connectivity, which allows growers to easily access contracts and scale tickets, evaluate offers, monitor cash bids, and follow breaking ag news all in one platform. And users can export their data, allowing for simple integration into farm management software.

Ready to learn more about Barchart's Grain Solutions? Head on over to NGFA's Annual Convention in Palm Springs, CA from March 21-23 to meet with Barchart's team and learn more. Or, visit our website to start exploring Marketplace Desktop and Apps and see how it can benefit your agribusiness.

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