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Jan 19 2023

cmdtyView Innovation: Soybean Crush Calc.

With innovation being one of our top priorities, Barchart is excited to announce the most recent set of updates and features added to the Soybean Crush Calc Panel within cmdtyView

First, we have added the ability to view the open, high, low, previous close, and % change within the panel. This will give you a better understanding of the market trends and how they are changing over time.

We have also added the ability to view the prior day's change and percent change for both crush and share. This will give you an idea of the market's day-to-day activity and how much the commodity prices have changed. 

You can now insert 'custom' crushes into the panel by using the ZS, ZM, and ZL contract drop-down menus. This will allow you to create a more customized view of the markets and see how different crushes perform against one another.  

Additionally, we have added the ability to display the underlying leg's expiration month/year. This will give you more information about the futures contracts that are being used in the panel. 

Finally, we have added right-click context menus that allow you to pull that cell's data into a chart or time series. This will give you a visual representation of the data and help you gain even more insight into the markets.  

We are excited to see how these new features will positively impact our clients and their workflow.

To learn more or to request a demo of cmdtyView, please click here or contact us at

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