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Aug 16 2022

Introducing Marketplace Apps 2.0!

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Marketplace Apps, Barchart’s AgTech platform which powers over 2,000 grain facilities across North America. Barchart is dedicated to helping digitize the buying and selling of grain between agribusinesses and their producers, and the next-generation release of our agribusiness mobile apps will aid in this client-focused mission.

Barchart aims to simplify and streamline grain trading workflows for agribusinesses. Marketplace achieves this by connecting producers directly into merchandiser workflows, linking producer-facing apps to Barchart’s cmdtyView grain trading platform; which already lives on merchandiser desktops.

The first version of Marketplace Apps have been adopted by many leading agribusinesses who are looking towards the future with the goal of digitizing their workflows. This next release of Marketplace will take these agribusinesses another step further, allowing them to originate, contract, sign, and hedge grain in a fully digital environment.

We have strategically built meaningful partnerships with key ERP providers in order to build a best-in-class connectivity network within Marketplace. This allows producers to see their contracts and scale tickets directly in the app, and new grain contracts and hedges to flow seamlessly into the ERP system. These enhancements enable producers and merchandisers to move grain faster, establish stronger producer affinity, and grow their businesses with a more digitized workflow.

Modern producers rely on crucial information that allows them to make the most informed decisions possible to improve their operation. By connecting producers to their merchandisers, Marketplace allows them to monitor their crop every step of the way, from delivery to market.

Barchart is the leading provider of data and workflow solutions to the agribusiness community, and we are committed to providing tools that make grain buying and selling more accessible than ever before. By providing grain bid management solutions, branded Marketplace Apps, and a best-in-class commodity trading and analytics platform - cmdtyView Pro, we offer the most comprehensive suite of agribusiness solutions on the market.

To learn more about Marketplace 2.0, read the full press release here. If you want to learn even more… join us this September at Barchart’s Summer Ag Series in Chicago!

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