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Jun 6 2022

Discover Where the Future of Agriculture is Headed with our New Report!

Agriculture has been rapidly transforming in recent years with the addition of tools, technology, and environmental factors. A new generation of agriculturalists will soon be taking charge of the industry, which led to our curiosity about the values and importance of current agricultural trends in the minds of these individuals.  We surveyed 100+ college students, the future leaders in agriculture to discover: 

  • What led them to agriculture?
  • What tools are vital for success in agribusiness?
  • Will carbon have increasing importance in the future?
  • What water conservation practices are key?

The complete findings from our survey have been outlined in The Future of Agriculture report.  This report helps agribusinesses in the commodity industry better understand where the future of ag is headed from the perspective of forthcoming professionals and leaders.  The report outlines multiple conclusions, including: which tools are most essential to benefitting tomorrow’s producers; where the most opportunity for technology disruption lies; how conservation impacts decisions for the upcoming generation; and, how technology and data will influence the industry’s future.  To view our findings, you can download the full report

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