The Future of Agriculture

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A Collegiate Survey by Barchart

Over the past decade, advancements in technology have given agribusinesses and producers access to more information and digital tools than ever before. Where is the future of agriculture headed? What sustainable practices are producers implementing to feed our growing population? What tools are most important to running an agribusiness as efficiently as possible? In order to get a better glimpse into the answers to these questions, Barchart surveyed 100+ college students, the future leaders in agriculture, to help us better understand where the future of ag is headed from their perspective. To view our findings, you can download the full report.

Inside the Survey:
  • How does conservation impact the decisions the next generation is making?
  • Are there further opportunities for technology disruption in agriculture?
  • What tools will be essential for the success of the next generation?
  • What is most important to benefiting tomorrow’s producers?
  • Will carbon credits be a large part of the future of agriculture?
  • Learn what is driving future agriculturalists to the industry.
  • Learn how technology and data will influence the industry’s future. more!

A Collegiate Survey by Barchart

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