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Nov 3 2020

Final 2020 U.S. Production and Yield Forecasts for Corn and Soybeans Now Available!

Crop Production and Yield Forecasts

Throughout the 2020 growing season, our accurate U.S. production and yield forecasts have been essential to grain professionals who are looking to spot opportunities before each month’s WASDE report. In the incredibly volatile 2020 growing season we couldn’t be more excited to announce our final 2020 Crop Production Forecasts at 15,324M bu for corn and 4,157M bu for soybeans in the U.S, which incorporates forecasts for end of season yield at 180.4 bu/ac for corn and 50.1 bu/ac for soybeans in the U.S. This represents an increase in expected production and yield for corn, relative to the October 6 report, which predicted end of season production at 15,119M bu and end of season yield at 178.2 bu/ac. Soybeans also saw expected production and yield decrease from 4,190M bu and 50.5 bu/ac, respectively.

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Crop Production and Yield API

As the leader in commodity data, we’re committed to supplying users with the information they need to stay ahead of the curve, and we look forward to expanding our coverage into new geographies in 2021. Additional product launches leveraging geospatial intelligence include cropland classifications data, pixel-level advanced weather analytics and crop production forecasts for international markets. Sign up for product updates here to stay in the loop on our latest product offerings or drop us a line at to get started.

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