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Mar 25 2020

Stay Connected to Your Producers with Grain Elevator Mobile Apps

Grain Marketplace

Advances in ag technology are beneficial for both grain merchandisers and producers. By utilizing advanced technology, merchandisers can buy more grain and producers can ensure they are getting a fair price for their grain. Technology has become an integral part of agriculture today, however, there is one key component between grain elevators and producers that technology can’t replace - the value of a strong relationship.

At Barchart we understand the importance of developing strong relationships and we believe that while technology can’t replace relationships, it definitely can be used to enhance them. Both our grain elevator partners and producer network have consistently asked us for easier ways to communicate and negotiate with each other over their mobile devices. We saw the need for a private community between grain buyers and producers and we delivered with the release of Marketplace.

Through Marketplace, grain buyers are able to easily connect with producers via mobile app and easily communicate bids and offers to buy grain. The app is branded to the grain elevator and provides their farmers with an immersive experience that is designed to help drive great customer engagement.

Just by downloading the app, farmers can view all prices that their grain elevator publishes alongside futures prices, market news, and weather - and both parties are easily able to direct message with one another. Farmers can request approval to negotiate offers to buy/sell grain in real-time - all of which is supported by our instant messaging capabilities.

Grain Marketplace

Additionally, grain elevators are able to leverage their newly installed user base of farmers to send push notifications through the app - which drives engagement and ultimately more business. The best part? The app connects with commodity trading software that already sits on the desktop of grain merchandisers, and seamlessly blends their entire workflow into one easy solution. Marketplace is truly designed to simplify how a grain elevator acquires, engages and communicates with clients - while driving more business through simplified workflows and better calls-to-action.

How Marketplace Works:

  • Your brand, your producers - Provide your producers with a fully branded user experience. Deliver mobile apps, desktop solutions, and all the tools they need with a solution so simple anyone can use it.
  • Free to your farmers - Drive farmer engagement with free access to software that ties you into their workflows - across both desktop and mobile.
  • Distribute your prices better - Give farmers easy access to cash bids from all of your locations in real-time. With better information, they can make faster grain marketing decisions.
  • Stay in touch with messaging - Negotiate offers in real-time with chat that links to your desktop with your producer’s phones. Keep grain buyers more productive and engaged with their customers.
  • Offer Management - Work up custom bids for producers and close deals faster. Do more volume at better prices to drive revenue for your business.
  • Data, News, and Weather - Stream futures prices alongside news and commentary from our team of grain market experts. Provide farmers with weather in the same app that they engage with your brand in.
Data, Weather, Tools

So basically if you’re a producer you get free data, tools, charts and better communication channels with your local grain merchandisers. If you’re a grain elevator, you get to manage offers, chat with producers, and grow your business faster than you thought possible! Talk about a win-win.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a demo and get started today.

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