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Jul 18 2019

Even more economic data added in cmdtyStats 5.0 release

We are constantly adding new features into our products to help our customers with their commodity workflows. The 5.0 release of cmdtyStats - the leading database for global commodity statistics and economic data - is no different. Starting today our users will get access to EU commodity statistics from EuroStats, access to U.S. Export Sales, and will now be able to get updates for WASDE in cmdtyView Pro through the awesome economic calendar module - all at no additional cost. You might think that's amazing, but it's nothing new for our inner circle.

"We're excited about this new release as it demonstrates the value we add to our users, where the products they subscribe to keep getting better. We are always looking to add more data, features, and insights to cmdtyStats and are committed to making it the one-stop shop for global fundamental data on commodity markets," Keith Petersen, Head of Strategy at Barchart stated.

Explore our data here -

cmdty by Barchart makes it incredibly simple to get the data you need into your workflow and all of this data is available to users of cmdtyView Pro, cmdtyView Excel, or the cmdtyStats API. cmdtyView Pro users can now easily compare WASDE reports with our proprietary grain price assessments to get a crystal clear view on how market moving news is impacting Corn, Soybean, or Wheat prices in their area.

cmdtyView Excel users can easily pull this information into quoteboards to perform bespoke analysis and power their own pricing models for theoretical corn values. Of course you can subscribe to cmdtyView Excel on a standalone basis or get access for free through a cmdtyView Pro subscription

We also make it super easy for users of our APIs to find all of this new data. Check out our input paramter explorer that shows you exactly how to locate the data you want based on Commodity, Measurement, Area, and/or Source. I guess when you design APIs for a living you get pretty good at it :) Take a gander for yourself.

Here's some of our new data in action. This is wheat production in france going from 2014 - 2019. That's just a taste as we've got historical data for this going back to 2008, making our tool the one stop shop for doing bespoke analysis or creating awesome looking charts for your website or app. Don't have a charting library? We've got a solution for that. Take a look -

To learn more about any of our services drop us a line at or reach out here -

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