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Aug 25 2020

Free Data and Tools for Ag Econ Programs

At Barchart, supporting the next generation of leaders in agriculture is very important. That’s why we provide free data and tools for university Agricultural Economics programs. What kind of data and tools you ask? We wrote this blog post to give you the full scoop.

We provide Ag Econ programs with access to free physical market pricing, advanced weather measures, geospatial data, and Barchart’s proprietary forecast indexes (all with historical data included!). These tools allow ag departments to be able to create engaging data projects, help students and faculty easily publish research, and create better outcomes for students by providing access to cutting edge data and tools. Students also have the opportunity to participate in cooperative projects with Barchart’s data science team, access to industry leading databases and APIs, and the ability to access events that in the past have been limited to industry professionals. Free data access includes…

  • Grain Price and Basis Indexes: Our grain indexes are commonly used to build grain marketing strategies, as benchmarks for physical contracts, and as objective prices for Crop Insurance and Ag Lending.

  • Cash Grain Prices: Collected from over 4,000 locations throughout the United States, the cmdty product line remains the leading database for current and historical North American grain bids.
  • Yield Forecast Indexes: Our forecast indexes allow students and professors to build robust pricing models for futures or combine with our basis indexes to build and backtest a crop marketing strategy.

  • Basis Forecast Indexes: Students can use our basis forecasts to build localized forward price curves that incorporate historical seasonality and current spot pricing.
  • Geospatial Weather Data: Students and faculty can use our cutting edge data derived from geospatial observations to build predictive models for yield and production more easily than ever before.

In addition to all of the data available, Ag Econ professionals also receive one free cmdtyView Pro and cmdtyView Excel license. cmdtyView Pro, our flagship commodity trading platform, provides you with global exchange data, physical commodity prices, futures execution, and advanced analytics.

With access to our free data and tools, you will have the best data in Agriculture for academic research, in-class use, and to build engaging class projects for your students. To learn more about how to receive access to free data and tools for your classroom, apply now on our website.

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