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Mar 10 2021

Data and Tools for Food and Beverage Professionals

Are you tired of paying too much for mediocre commodity market intelligence? Access all of the data Food and Beverage professionals need in one place through cmdtyView. With our global coverage of grains, fruits and vegetables pricesprotein prices, packaging prices and other food ingredient prices you can have easy access to exclusive real-time pricing, estimates, and forecasts on the data sets that matter to your business.

Take this unique content and use the included tools to take your analysis to the next level.  cmdtyView features highly relevant and timely commodity market analysis from our own proprietary commodity newswires as well as the included Dow Jones Commodities Service, and from our Commodity Pricing Network partners, including Mintec, UrnerBarry, Mercaris, ClipperData and more. Embedded tools include seasonal charts, forward curves, crush calculators and more. If you do extensive analysis, modeling or reporting in Excel, our Excel Add-In is included for a completely seamless companion tool.

Beyond charts, news and analysis in excel, cmdtyView is loaded with unique market content including global cash commodity prices, freight rates, yield forecasts and critical fundamental data from a plethora of reporting agencies around the world, all geospatially displayed in our mapping tools. Delivered entirely from a native HTML5 application, cmdtyView Pro is designed to be a true end-to-end workflow solution for commodity buying professionals and risk managers. Users can analyze data, make a decision, and then quickly put it into action from any location and any connected device. To learn more about cmdtyView or start a free trial, please visit our website.

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