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Feb 22 2021

Explore the Award-Winning cmdtyView Platform | Webinar Recap

Yesterday we hosted a live webinar with Barchart’s Head of Commodities, Michael Browne to discuss our award-winning commodities trading platform - cmdtyView. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend - we’ll fill you in now!

Michael kicked off the webinar with a brief overview of the content, features and technology in cmdtyView, including: 

  1. Global Exchange Data
  2. Commodity News & Reports 
  3. cmdty Proprietary data
  4. cmdty Pricing Network 
  5. cmdty Stats & Fundamentals 
  6. Geospatial Intelligence
  7. Decision Support / Analytics
  8. HTML5 Browser-based
  9. Included Excel Add-in 
  10. Mobile App included 

Michael then dove deeper into cmdtyView’s geospatial intelligence, cash grain prices, and cmdtyView excel.  


With our geospatial mapping intelligence you can take any data that has a geospatial component to it, and make it available within cmdtyView’s mapping. This includes cash grain bids, grain indexes, yield forecasts and various other data sets. 

Numerous filter options for each layer makes data discovery easier and helps “bring the data to the surface”. You also have the ability to play back historical data at controlled speeds to look for trends! 

The cash price window is a great tool to grab the cash price data you need and sort it and filter it in the way that you need. You can easily discover hard to find data by choosing your asset class then applying various filters. 

Your cmdtyView subscription also includes access to cmdtyView Excel, a dynamic excel add-in which supports our entire data ecosystem. cmdtyView Excel supports global real-time exchange data, physical commodity data, commodity fundamentals and statistics as well as deep historical data. cmdtyView supports quotes, charts, options, and historical data. All of the data you have available in your cmdtyView subscription is available in the excel add in!  

After diving into the different business sectors that benefit from cmdtyView, Michael provided insights into our roadmap for cmdtyView, which includes enhanced tools for visualization and analysis of fundamental data, continued expansion of the cmdty Pricing Network (CPN), pixel-level weather data, international production forecasts, and much more! 

Michael then gave a demo of cmdtyView, highlighting different workspace setups as well as how to customize charts as and access commodity news. Finally, Michael answered questions from the audience which provided further insight into charting seasonality, how to access USDA Reports, canadian cash prices, performing analysis in excel, and much more!

Delivered entirely from a native HTML5 application that is powerful, responsive and mobile, cmdtyView is designed to be a true end-to-end workflow solution for commodity trading. We can’t fit everything we covered in one blog post so watch the full livestream here to learn more! Sign up for product updates here to stay in the loop on upcoming webinars!  

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