Sep 1 2020

Stream More Market Data in Excel with Barchart's cmdtyView Excel 2.0 Release

CHICAGO, IL - September 1, 2020 - Barchart, a leading provider of data and technology services to the financial, media and commodity industries, has announced the release of cmdtyView Excel 2.0, the latest upgraded solution for streaming market data in Excel alongside physical commodity prices, and global fundamental data. All current cmdtyView Excel users will automatically get access to the new data, tools, and features that are focused on helping commodity traders, risk managers, research analysts, and data scientists power bespoke research and analysis directly within Excel.

“Our cmdtyView Excel add-in provides access to reliable streaming real-time data and tools, allowing users to interpret information clearly and confidently across any device,” says Barchart’s CTO Chris Harrison. “The cmdtyView Excel 2.0 release takes this even further with the integration of new USDA data sources, Yield Forecast Indexes, as well as a variety of software enhancements allowing for users to analyze different variations of data and quickly put it into action.”

All new data and enhancements for cmdtyView 2.0 include:

To help users get started faster, Barchart is providing multiple Excel Add-In templates at launch for users to build off of a series of popular and sophisticated analytical frameworks. These pre-built templates were explicitly designed to support the commodity trading industries across agriculture, energy, and metals and are the easiest solution to get up and running quickly with streaming commodity prices in Excel.

Users can access cmdtyView Excel on a standalone basis or through a cmdtyView Pro subscription. cmdtyView Pro is a cutting-edge solution for commodity trading workflows and provides users with access to all of the physical pricing and commodity data that is available within the cmdty ecosystem.

To subscribe for a free trial of cmdtyView Excel, please click here.

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