BLS Commodity Price Indexes

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Commodity Index Data for Spot Markets

The cmdty BLS Commodity Price Indexes measure price movements of 22 basic commodities whose markets are among the first to be influenced by changes in economic conditions. Sub-indices for six major asset classes are calculated.

Metals  |  Textiles  |  Raw Materials  |  Foodstuffs  |  Fats & Oils  |  Livestock


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cmdty BLS Commodity Price Indexes (prices are delayed by one week)

Price Index Symbol Value Day Change Date
cmdty BLS Commodity Price Index BZY00 404.29 -0.19 2019-07-17
cmdty BLS Metals Price Index B7Y00 755.71 +0.70 2019-07-17
cmdty BLS Textiles Price Index BUY00 274.0625 -0.28 2019-07-17
cmdty BLS Industrials Price Index BVY00 448.9375 +0.02 2019-07-17
cmdty BLS Foodstuffs Price Index BWY00 347.24 -0.44 2019-07-17
cmdty BLS Fats and Oils Price Index BXY00 378.99 -1.86 2019-07-17
cmdty BLS Livestock Price Index BYY00 406.72 +1.68 2019-07-17

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