Match | Grain Offer System

Match | Grain Offer System

Trade physical grain through the Match matching engine. Built into cmdtyView® and Grain Marketplace - and ready for partner integration.

Trade Your Grain

Optimize your grain procurement with Match. Accept offers from growers, tighten your bids, and push matched transactions into your workflows. Built into cmdtyView and Grain Marketplace - our ecosystem is ready for you today.

Built for Partners

Our flexible API engine is built for partners to integrate into their producer-facing solutions. Access our large installed base of grain buyers to build stickiness into your community and automate user workflows.

Accounting Integration

We integrate into your accounting system allowing merchandisers to submit live bids to your producers. Buy as much grain as you want and watch as it is automatically pulled into your grain accounting platform.

Trade Physical Grain Today


  • Access our Grain Buyers - Access hundreds of grain buyers in your producer solution by integrating our Match API. Our deep grain buying community is unique, and immediately provides your solution with an installed base to activate your farmers.

  • Drive Revenue - Increase conversions into premium price tiers by providing enhanced features to your users - order routing, accounting info, and instant messaging.

  • Flexible Terms - Contact us to discuss our flexible commercial options. We want to partner and build with you.


Built into the cmdtyView® terminal, access all of our bid monitoring and negotiation features in the same environment you monitor futures and our benchmark Grain price assessments. Leverage our chat functionality to finalize terms with your producers and then seamlessly execute your trades. Data is pushed into your accounting system for a true straight-through grain buying process.

Grain Marketplace

Our vast private marketplace ecosystem is linked to cmdtyView® and our grain buyer solutions by Match API layer. Producers interact within your branded environment and are more engaged.

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