Barchart Commodity made the transition between our previous website host so seamless and easy and we could not be happier with the outcome.

- Abbey Wethal

Lead Communications Specialist at United Cooperative

United Cooperative

How United Cooperative Provides Customers with Market Data, Cash Grain Bids, Weather and More

Meet United Cooperative

Incorporated in 1936 and located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, United Cooperative is a full-service co-op offering feed, grain, agronomy, and energy products to southcentral, southwest, and northeast Wisconsin farmers and consumers. The cooperative strives to provide its customers with the highest possible value and return on their investment through superior customer service and professionalism.

The Problem

To provide their customers with the highest quality of service, United Cooperative knew they needed a website that would give necessary information like market data, cash grain bids, weather and more while also being easy-to-use and responsive.

"We were looking for a user-friendly, updated desktop site and a mobile optimized site," says Abbey Wethal, Lead Communications Specialist at United Cooperative. "We understand that our agriculture demographic may be a bit older than that of most other non-ag companies, so it was important to us that our site was easy-to-use and intuitive. That being said, we also understand the increasing popularity of tablets and mobile phones, so having a site that was easily accessible for all users, regardless of age, was very important," added Wethal.

With the daunting task of finding the best provider to upgrade their website, they began to research different firms, but had trouble finding one that met every one of their requirements.

The Solution

United Cooperative came across Barchart Commodity and immediately noticed the array of services that were offered. From cash grain bids and market overviews to text and email alerts, United Cooperative knew they found the best solution in Barchart Commodity.

"It's refreshing to work with a company with progressive values and ideas. We eliminated any possible negative perceptions that our current customers and potential customers may have when first visiting the site," said Wethal. "Another advantage is the outstanding customer service! Everything we requested was completed in an incredibly speedy manner. Not to mention their team is always available whenever I have any questions," added Wethal.

Today, United Cooperative continues to achieve high standards of excellence in all four divisions of its business, and their new, quality website allows them to provide their customers with key market information and data.

"Barchart Commodity made the transition between our previous website host so seamless and easy and we could not be happier with the outcome." says Wethal. "We are getting exponentially greater customer service from Barchart Commodity, and have a web page that matches our culture of innovative and quality products and services—all for less money than we were paying before!

"We would highly recommend Barchart Commodity to all agribusinesses looking for a website host."

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