Marketplace allows us to get business done with our farmers quickly and efficiently - any time, any where

- Todd Hamilton

Grain Merchandiser at Russell Grain

Russell Grain

How Russell Grain Better Communicates With Their Farmers

Meet Russell Grain

Located in Rushville, IL, Russell Grain has been a trusted Grain Elevator since 1978. Russell Grain has always been committed to exceeding the expectations of their farmers and continues to do so through their mission to provide the highest quality of service through grain merchandising and handling.

The Problem

Russell Grain takes the commitment they have to their farmers and their success very seriously. That’s why Russell Grain was in search of a solution to help them better communicate with their farmers, while making their farmers' lives easier and operations run more smoothly. They also wanted to be able to provide them with accurate, up-to-date market information and cash bids.

The Solution

After thoroughly researching the solutions available, Russell Grain determined that Barchart could provide them with the best, modern solutions to complete their mission. With a hosted website full of cash bids, weather, news, and more, Russell Grain’s farmers can rely on them to be as informed as possible.

In addition to a hosted website solution, Barchart also provided Russell Grain with a brand new, fully-branded Marketplace App. With this mobile app, Russell Grain can provide farmers with access to scale tickets, offers, and contracts that they can sign directly on their phone - simplifying their workflows. With the chat function in Marketplace, Russell Grain is also able to communicate with their farmers easier than ever before.

“Equipped with a modern, easy-to-use app from Barchart, we are providing our farmers with better service and communication than we ever thought possible,” said Todd Hamilton, Grain Merchandiser at Russell Grain. “Marketplace allows us to get business done with our farmers quickly and efficiently - any time, any where,” added Hamilton.

“At Barchart we pride ourselves on enhancing the workflows, businesses, and lives of our clients,” said Justin Nuss, Regional Sales Director, Agriculture at Barchart. “That’s why when Russell Grain expressed their commitment to setting their farmers up for success - we fully understood their mission,” added Nuss.

With Barchart, Russell Grain found all the modern tools they needed to make sure they’re exceeding their farmers' expectations. Armed with a brand new Marketplace app, tools, and market information, Russell Grain’s farmers will never miss a beat.

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