With access to our data through this fantastic platform, more individuals will be able to participate in the growing world of renewables.

- Lukasz Mazur

COO of PRIMA Markets

PRIMA Markets

How PRIMA Markets Expanded and Diversified the Reach of Their Database of Pricing for Low Carbon Feedstocks

Meet PRIMA Markets

Established in October 2014, PRIMA Markets is the leading research and price benchmarking agency (PRA) in the expanding international market for low carbon feedstocks and fuels. Given the increasing share of renewables in the world’s fuel supply PRIMA focuses on the interface between biofuels, energy and agricultural markets in its unique suite of informational and analytical reports and web-based information services. PRIMA data is widely used in making trading and investment decisions in low carbon fuel and feedstock markets, in indexing physical contracts and as a financial settlement instrument in listed swap futures.

The Problem

Since interest in the renewable energy markets continues to grow world-wide, PRIMA was in search of a solution to grow and diversify their audience. Ultimately, they wanted to find a way for more commodity professionals to gain access to their data, so they can make better decisions and stay ahead of the low carbon investment curve.

The Solution

PRIMA found that Barchart could provide them with a large, diverse audience full of commodity professionals through the Commodity Pricing Network (CPN). By joining the CPN, PRIMA makes their leading coverage of biofuels, low carbon fuels, and feedstocks pricing available for users to access through cmdtyView Pro, cmdtyView for Excel, or through an enterprise data solution. Users are now able to unlock PRIMA’s extensive database and can make sure they are in-the-know, making the best decisions possible.

“We are excited to be adding our extensive database of pricing for low carbon feedstocks to the CPN,” said Lukasz Mazur, COO of PRIMA Markets. “With access to our data through this fantastic platform, more individuals will be able to participate in the growing world of renewables,” added Mazur.

“The Commodity Pricing Network is growing at a rapid pace with the addition of premier pricing from leading providers, just like PRIMA,” said Mark Haraburda, CEO of Barchart. “We are thrilled to be expanding our coverage of international low carbon feedstocks and fuels to help users make better decisions in the low carbon fuel and feedstock markets,” added Haraburda.

Being a member of the CPN allows PRIMA to expose more commodity professionals to their global biofuels data and gives them easy access to their pricing, allowing them to make better, faster decisions.

To learn more about PRIMA Markets, please visit www.prima-markets.com. To learn more about the Commodity Pricing Network, please click here.

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