When we found out that Barchart could provide us with all the tools we were looking for at an economical price, we knew we could stop our search.

- Doug Biswell

President and General Manager of Jackson Farmers

Jackson Farmers

How Jackson Farmers Builds Better Solutions for Producers

Meet Jackson Farmers

Founded in 1918, Jackson Farmers, Inc. is a full-service, locally owned farmer’s cooperative that offers a complete line of supplies and services for both farm and urban customers including seeds, grain buying and storage, fuel supplies and a mill for custom feed solutions. With four locations serving Northeast Kansas, Jackson Famers' mission is “to provide world class and value added products to our members/owners and community, striving for a successful partnership.”

The Problem

In order to provide their customers with a high quality experience, Doug Biswell and his team at Jackson Farmers were looking for a website hosting solution that could give them all of the tools they needed along with a reliable market data platform.

“We were looking for a company that could supply high quality tools at a fair price,” said Doug Biswell, President and General Manager of Jackson Farmers. “We thought it would be a bonus if we could find a company that would fill in all of our missing pieces,” added Biswell.

The Solution

Jackson Farmers found the total package they needed when they discovered Barchart could in fact fill in all the blanks. “When we found out that Barchart could provide us with all the tools we were looking for at an economical price, we knew we could stop our search,” said Biswell. “In addition to the website content to better connect with our customers, Barchart was able to provide our grain merchandisers with a top notch market desktop,” added Biswell.

With cmdtyView, Jackson Farmers has real-time views of market prices as well as news and analysis of events driving the markets. “We know with confidence that we are pricing our grain contracts correctly and competitively,” said Biswell. “Barchart not only supplies easy-to-read and customizable quoteboards, but provides unmatched customer service. Their staff is knowledgeable and quickly fixes any issue,” added Biswell.

Jackson Farmers’ clients appreciate the accessibility they have to futures prices - and that they can access these prices on both desktop and mobile. “Barchart helps our clients stay up-to-date on the prices they need to do their jobs and helps us by offering valuable tools to stay connected with our customers, all with fair and competitive pricing,” said Biswell.

Jackson Farmers, Inc is looking forward to providing high-quality products, first-class service, and expertise to their growers for many years to come.

For more information on Jackson Farmers, please visit www.jacksonfarmers.com.

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