We never doubt the accuracy of Barchart’s data. It’s precise and dependable.

- Jason Block

Vice President of Technology at CIH

CIH (Commodity & Ingredient Hedging)

How CIH Implements the Best Plans of Action Possible for Their Clients

Meet CIH

Commodity & Ingredient Hedging, or CIH is a technology-based risk management firm. Since being founded in 1999, they have been providing education and customized price risk management services to businesses affected by volatility in the agriculture commodities markets. CIH helps their clients make better decisions and confidently implement superior, long-term margin management strategies that allow them to sustain and grow their businesses.

The goal of CIH is to work with their clients one-on-one, providing the necessary assistance and information to help them meet their organization’s commodity price management objectives. At CIH, they customize effective price management programs that take into consideration clients’ overall market position on net cash, futures, options and swaps and also help manage that cumulative position as the market changes.

The Problem

CIH needed an array of data to support the programs that they implement for their clients. They were in search of a data provider that they could trust to supply them with reliable, accurate real-time and historical futures data so they can implement strategies to help their clients’ businesses thrive.

The Solution

CIH knew they could count on Barchart to deliver all of the data that they were looking for. With the getQuote and getHistory APIs from Barchart OnDemand, CIH has access to all of the real-time and historical futures data they need in order to analyze and then make the best plan of action for their clients.

“We never doubt the accuracy of Barchart’s data. It’s precise and dependable which gives us the utmost confidence in the models and strategies that we build to help our clients,” said Jason Block, Vice President of Technology at CIH. “Ultimately we earn their business by offering excellent data fused with unparalleled decision-making tools and experience,” added Block.

Armed with all of the data they need to back them up, CIH will continue to implement strong plans of action for clients’ risk management needs for years to come.

To learn more about CIH, please visit www.cihedging.com.

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