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Dec 2 2020

Access Food and Ingredient Data from Mintec

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Mintec! Mintec is the world’s leading independent provider of global food pricing data and analysis and will officially be joining the cmdty Pricing Network (CPN).

Under this new partnership, Mintec’s trusted food and ingredient data will be available for users to access through cmdtyView Pro, cmdtyView Excel, or through an enterprise data solution. With Mintec’s strategic sourcing and supplier price transparency, this data will allow users to analyze their spending more effectively, control costs, and make better ingredient purchasing decisions. 

cmdty by Barchart is dedicated to simplifying the way our customers work and this new partnership will allow our food and beverage clients to access and analyze Mintec’s data alongside our proprietary prices, commodity fundamentals, and global exchange data directly within cmdtyView Pro, consolidating end user workflows into one single platform. To learn more or to subscribe to Mintec’s pricing data, please click here.

Curious how your firm can unlock access to Barchart’s broad distribution footprint? We created the cmdty Pricing Network to bring transparency and efficiency to the entire grain ecosystem. As a price reporter, we collect wholesale data, apply an unbiased approach to normalizing it, and then distribute this data back out to our customers and members so they can operate more efficiently. Becoming a member is quick and easy! Simply contact us to get started on your free application. It's simple, fast, and once approved, you'll be on your way to unlocking the benefits of our global network.

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