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Sep 11 2023

Revolutionizing Agribusiness Communication: Barchart's Enterprise Alerting Service

In a world where technological advancements are shaping industries at an unprecedented pace, agribusinesses have been presented with a game-changing solution to streamline their communication processes - Barchart’s Enterprise Alerting Service. This innovative offering is poised to redefine communication between grain buyers and producers by replacing conventional email with SMS to SMS alerting, setting a new industry benchmark for efficiency and compliance.

Barchart's Enterprise Alerting Service represents a bold departure from the traditional reliance on email notifications. Instead, it embraces the simplicity and effectiveness of SMS-to-SMS communication. This shift is pivotal, as the agribusiness industry continues to evolve rapidly, demanding more efficient and compliant communication channels.

The underlying technology, which has already demonstrated its effectiveness within Barchart's market data solutions business, is now being extended to agribusiness clients. With the introduction of new 10DLC (10-Digit Long Code) regulations, this enterprise platform ensures that Barchart can offer compliant SMS delivery with improved deliverability and simplified setup to its vast network of over 2,000 grain-buying locations.

This groundbreaking service comes equipped with a range of features tailored to meet the specific needs of agribusinesses:

  • Scalable Messaging and Pricing Tiers: Barchart understands that agribusinesses come in all shapes and sizes. The Enterprise Alerting Service offers scalable messaging and pricing tiers to accommodate businesses of varying scales and budgets.
  • Enterprise-Level Message Deliverability: With the Enterprise Alerting Service, agribusinesses can count on enterprise-level message deliverability, ensuring that critical information reaches its intended recipients without delay.
  • Versatile Content Sharing: Agribusinesses can send a wide range of information, from commodity prices and grain bids to weather updates and facility notifications, all through the simplicity of SMS.
  • Local "From" Phone Numbers: To enhance the user experience, Barchart's service allows agribusinesses to utilize local "From" phone numbers for their messaging, adding a personal touch to their communications.

As the agribusiness industry continues to evolve, this service promises to be a valuable asset for grain buyers and producers alike, facilitating seamless and compliant communication in an ever-changing landscape. Ready to harness the power of Barchart's Enterprise Alerting Service? Contact our team at or visit our website for more information!

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