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Sep 5 2023

Unveiling the Latest Crop Insights: Barchart's September 2023 Canadian Yield Forecasts

Get ready for some exciting updates as Barchart has revealed the End-of-Season 2023 yield and production forecasts for Canadian Spring Wheat and Soybeans!

Our journey begins with Canadian Spring Wheat.  Our September 2023 report reveals an end-of-season yield projection of 48.7 bushels per acre. But here's the twist – it's 1.9 bushels per acre below the latest forecast from the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). 

Next up, we shift our focus to soybeans, a vital component of Canadian agriculture. According to our latest report, the end-of-season yield projection for soybeans stands at 44.7 bushels per acre.  It's worth noting that it's 0.1 bushels per acre below the AAFC's most recent forecast. 

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