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Aug 1 2023

Barchart Predicts Corn Yield Above The USDA’s Latest Forecast

Barchart’s Crop Production and Yield Forecasts provide users with decision-making support for crop marketing and ingredient purchasing ahead of traditional forecasts from the USDA.  We are excited to announce that we just released our August 2023 Crop Production and Forecast report

The latest report sees end-of-season yield at 178.4 (bu/ac) for Corn, which is 0.9 (bu/ac) above the USDA’s latest forecast.  

But wait, there's more! The latest report also sees end-of-season yield at 50.8 (bu/ac) for soybeans, which is 1.2 (bu/ac) below the USDA's most recent forecast.

When it comes to staying ahead, Barchart's crop production forecasts are an absolute game changer!  To learn more about Barchart’s Crop Production Forecasts or to receive API access, please visit our website.  To request a trial to cmdtyView Pro, our leading commodity trading platform, please click here

Additionally, we invite you to join us at Barchart's 3-day Grain Merchandising and Technology Conference in Downtown Nashville this September, which will feature product demos, panel discussions, industry awards, a charity golf outing, and many networking opportunities. Visit our event website to learn more!

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