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Aug 1 2023

Barchart's Crop Forecasts Exceed AAFC's Expectations for Canadian Spring Wheat and Soybeans

Hey there, fellow crop enthusiasts!  Brace yourselves for some fantastic news because Barchart has just unleashed its much-awaited August 2023 Yield and Production forecasts for Canadian Spring Wheat and Soybeans. 

First up, we have Canadian Spring Wheat  Barchart's forecast for Candian spring wheat production is 1,018.5B bu with an end-of-season yield of 53.4 (bu/ac), which is 0.5 (bu/ac) above the latest AAFC estimate of 52.9 (bu/ac).  Hold on to your hats because that's 0.8 (bu/ac) higher than the AAFC's recent forecast!

But wait, there's more excitement in store.  According to their latest report, Barchart's forecast for Canadian soybean production is 252.2B bu with the end-of-season yield at 45.1 (bu/ac).  And guess what? That's 0.3 (bu/ac) above the AAFC's most recent forecast!

If you're itching to get your hands on these crop forecasts, mark your calendars. Barchart offers free access to their Canadian Spring Wheat and Soybeans forecasts twice per month during the growing season. That's right —you can be ahead of the game and spot opportunities even before the traditional AAFC reports hit the scene.

To get enhanced access to Barchart’s insights on crop production and yield, sign-up for our free Canadian Crop Production Report, access daily updates by subscribing to cmdtyView Pro, or use our enterprise-grade APIs.  To learn more about Barchart’s Crop Production Forecasts please visit our website.

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