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Mar 16 2023

We Partnered with Revenue.AI to Elevate Commodities Trading with Cutting-Edge Market Data Solutions

Buckle up, traders…Barchart and Revenue.AI have just announced an exciting new partnership! This means Revenue.AI will enable its customers to access Barchart’s market data solutions within their commodities trading platform and AI assistant ZETA, providing them with real-time market data insights and analytics!

This game-changing combination of Revenue.AI’s AI powered tools for commodity market analysis and Barchart’s global, real-time market coverage and deep sets of historical data will enable traders to anticipate market movements and make accurate predictions about future price movements. Armed with this information, traders can make well-informed decisions while minimizing risk.

This partnership is a match made in heaven for traders who want to stay ahead of the game and make better decisions through a comprehensive approach. To learn more about this partnership, read the full press release here. To learn more about Barchart’s market data solutions, please visit our website.

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