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Feb 28 2023

cmdtyView - Your Source for Brazilian Economic Data

We have exciting news!  We are thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our international data coverage by integrating Brazilian Economic Data from IBGE into cmdtyStats, the leading database for global commodity statistics and fundamental data.  With this data users will have access to cutting-edge insights into the Brazilian economy.  You can take advantage of this new data and gain an edge in the market by accessing the data in cmdtyView, the leading data and analytics platform for commodity professionals.

Here’s how you can benefit:

  • Get access to Brazilian Economic Data from IBGE. This data provides Brazil's version of CPI, PPI, and other key economic data. 
  • This data provides insights into how global slowdown, rate hikes, and drought in South America have been affecting the Brazilian economy. 
  • With economic data for Brazil at your fingertips, we empower your organization to make more informed decisions.

We are dedicated to continuously improving and enhancing our products with new features and data for our customers.  Available through cmdtyView Pro, cmdtyView for Excel, or a simple-to-use API, users can get access to our commodity statistics and fundamental data how they need it.  To access Brazilian Economic Data through a free trial of cmdtyView Pro, please visit our website.  For more information about API solutions, please visit

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