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Nov 1 2022

Digitize the Way You Manage, Automate, and Improve Your Hedging

Barchart is excited to announce the release of cmdtyView Hedge, the newest tool in Barchart’s industry-leading grain merchandising ecosystem. cmdtyView Hedge allows agribusinesses to automate hedging for physical grain within the cmdtyView platform. The addition of cmdtyView Hedge unlocks increased operational efficiency by allowing automated hedge orders for open offers and automatically executing when an offer that matches the ask is recognized. 

cmdtyView Hedge was designed to streamline risk management and grain contracting for our agribusiness clients. Our powerful hedge management system for grain allows for operations of any size to benefit.  Building a centralized location for grain merchandisers to manage all of their hedging activity was a top priority when developing cmdtyView Hedge, and Barchart has delivered!  cmdtyView Hedge also allows grain elevators to view their current futures and cash positions across different commodities, along with expirations and delivery dates. 

cmdtyView Hedge Management allows merchandisers to: 

  • Dynamically adjust all open GTC orders when Basis changes
  • Automatically accept offers and immediately create a pre-hedge GTC futures order
  • Bundle offers from producers below 5000 bushels into Hedgeable ‘tail’ quantities
  • Dynamically adjust GTC futures orders when a producer(s) changes their offer
  • Allows merchandisers to unwind filled hedges when grain ownership changes
  • Dynamically push filled orders for both cash and futures transactions to their ERP which allows them to create a Daily Position Report that summarizes all of the above cash and futures positions, assets and liabilities plus owned inventory, farmer-owned inventory, and more!

Implementing an automated hedging portal for grain merchandising will allow you to maximize your workflow and avoid costly errors. We are excited to offer grain hedging in cmdtyView, which successfully makes cmdtyView a true end-to-end platform for commodity trading.

To learn more or to request a demo of cmdtyView Hedge, please click here or contact us at

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