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Sep 26 2022

The Importance of Weather Forecasting In Agriculture

Weather forecasting in agriculture is more than just knowing when to expect a rain delay. Having accurate weather forecasts can help you plan your planting, harvesting, and even cutting seasons.  Accurate weather forecasts also play an important role in crop development, crop growth, and crop yield. Understanding the best time frame to plant and harvest your crops will ensure you aren’t leaving any yield behind. 

Having access to the latest and most accurate weather data is essential in any farming operation and Barchart is here to help.  Barchart’s cutting-edge weather data will ensure you are making the right decisions based on weather insights specific to your location.  Barchart’s Weather API’s provide critical information and tools, including radar maps, current conditions, forecasts, soil moisture, and even precipitation amounts.  Computer-generated algorithms are constantly being monitored and updated in real-time to ensure Barcharts weather API’s are as accurate as possible, while still maintaining ease of use. 

In addition to providing clients in the agriculture industry with weather data, Barchart also provides clients in the energy, insurance, and commodity trading industry with timely and accurate weather data so they can perform at their best.  Using Barcharts weather data gives you an upper hand in your commodities trading because you can analyze and predict market fluctuations and current trends caused by weather patterns. 

Users can also access Barchart’s weather data through cmdtyView, Barchart's innovative commodity trading platform.  cmdtyView's advanced mapping feature allows users to visually analyze any commodity data that is available through Barchart.  Users can view and analyze weather data, such as the current and historical US weather radar, and can overlay different types of data, such as crop moisture conditions and a drought monitor.  To explore these features yourself, you can start a free trial of cmdtyView here.

Weather forecasting practices are constantly changing and becoming more accurate as technology advances. Using Barchart’s weather data ensures you have accurate and extensive data right at your fingertips.  To learn more about Barchart’s weather data please visit our website or contact us at

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