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Sep 22 2022

Barchart Sponsors 2022 World Financial Information Conference

We are proud to announce our participation as a Gold Sponsor at the 2022 World Financial Information Conference (“WFIC”)!  WFIC is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together the global financial information industry including exchanges, market data vendors, and consumers.  

Barchart’s CEO, Mark Haraburda, and President, Eero Pikat, will be speaking at several sessions during the conference, including: 

The Financial Information Industry Post Pandemic

The financial information industry responded swiftly and successfully to changes wrought by the onslaught of Covid-19, but the pace of change hasn’t yet slackened, and really, will it ever? In this panel, senior executives will discuss the breadth of challenges their organizations are meeting, including everything from the impact of hybrid work models to technology trends, managing ever more market data, and market data vendors newly under the eye of regulators.

Exploring the world of alternative and non-exchange data sets

The world of alternative and non-exchange data has grown over the past few years, and data vendors are aggregating and building datasets from multiple, highly specialized micro-industry suppliers. World events and the quest for ESG compliance have shown that these data sets are critical to making trading and corporate strategies. Explore the sourcing, collation, and normalization of market data from government, industry, and private sources, and how to correlate it with exchange information, to make actionable decisions.

We are looking forward to arriving in Prague next month and are excited to sponsor the only global event of its kind that focuses on the market data industry.  Our team is looking forward to connecting so send us an email at to schedule a meeting!

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