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Apr 27 2022

The Food Biz Episode 26 Recap: How Are Farmers Navigating So Much Uncertainty

On this week's episode of The Food Biz, hosts Ryan Nelson and Kristyn Tarpey are joined by Margy Eckelkamp, Editor of The Scoop at Farm Journal.   The three discuss how farmers are navigating so much uncertainty in the agriculture markets.

The episode starts off with a discussion on global supply chain disruptions.  Margy provides insight on the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain, explaining that concerns for the supply chain started in the first year of the pandemic (2020), but we really started to feel the impact of these issues in the ag supply chain for crop inputs in 2021.  

Margy also adds that truck driving resources are being pinched in Agriculture due to CDL requirements for truck drivers.  Additionally, the Union Pacific railroads curtailing shipments.  A major fertilizer company moving from Louisiana up into Iowa.  The lack of slack and extra resources aren’t there, which magnifies these issues. 

Ryan adds that “just in time deliveries” used to work, but in 2020, “just in time” turned into “uh oh, we are out of time”, which leaves producers and consumers scrambling.  

Margy adds that the 2022 growing season is a huge opportunity for implementing new products, new practices and for ag retailers to instill themselves to an elevated level as a trusted advisors.  If ag retailers are able to serve a need during these pinch points, they will be even more valuable to clients in the future.  Margy believes 2022 will be a new plateau with products, services, and value. 

Kristyn transitions the conversation into a discussion on fertilizer issues and asks Margy what retailers and farmers are most concerned about in terms of things like herbicide, crop production, etc.  Margy explains that overall the biggest concern for farmers is the financial investment they are making in their crops as farm input costs have greatly increased.  

Margy also adds that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has increased the demand for global grain.  

The three also discuss the FBI bulletin that ransomware attacks may be more likely to ocurrduring this year's critical planting and harvest season, as well as the new ways the EPA is regulating certain products.  Make sure to listen to the entire episode on Spotify or in the Apple Podcasts App! While you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe. Also, feel free to reach out to us by email at with any discussion topics, questions, comments, or overall feedback; Ryan and Kristyn would love to hear from you!

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