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Feb 15 2022

Explore the New Features Available in cmdtyView!

Your commodity trading and analysis just got an upgrade! We recently added a series of enhancements to cmdtyView, the leading real-time commodity trading platform.  With enhanced charting, updated time series, a new global search feature, and upgraded chat, your ability to make smarter decisions and drive your business forward has never been easier.   

New features available within cmdtyView include:

  • An updated “Create Farmer” panel that allows Merchandisers to search for ERP account numbers and sync farmers right from cmdtyView.
  • A global search feature that allows users to search Barchart’s entire data catalog in real time.
  • Search filters that give users the ability to search by asset class
  • A new search bar on the main landing page that groups search results by asset class.
  • Six new chart drawing tools including Gann Square, Gann Box, Date Range, Price Range, Date and Price Range, Horizontal Arrow, Vertical Arrow, and Fibonacci Channel.
  • The ability to zoom in on a chart by holding the <CTRL> key and drawing a box around the area of the chart which you want to enlarge.
  • Undo/redo and a lock feature for annotations.
  • The ability to add the Mansfield RSI, Dorsey RSI, Relative Volume, Price Momentum, and Commodity Bull Market studies to charts
  • Expressions support in the time series window.
  • Open Interest field in the time series window.
  • Support for expired instruments in the time series window.
  • Upgraded chat dialog that now includes timestamps and allows users to hide the chat window.
  • A new chat icon to the top right corner that can be used to open chat once closed.

We are dedicated to continuously improving and enhancing our products with new features for our customers.  To explore these features yourself, you can start a free trial of cmdtyView here. To learn more about any of our services drop us a line at or reach out here.


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