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Sep 7 2021

September Production and Yield Forecasts for U.S. and Canadian Crops Now Available!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released our September 2021 Yield and Production forecasts for U.S. and Canadian field crops! Released for free to the public on the first Tuesday of each month during the growing season, and available to clients through daily updates, our Crop Production and Yield Forecasts allow users to make crop marketing decisions ahead of traditional government reports and understand the complete supply-side picture of North American grain.

These forecasts are used by a variety of agriculture and commodity professionals including Ag Lenders, Commodity Traders, and Grain Marketers so they can make better lending, pricing, and hedging decisions every day. In our latest report, we indicated an increase in U.S. crop production for both corn, soybeans, and hard red winter wheat, while Canadian production forecasts are showing a decrease for spring wheat and soybeans.

Check out our increased U.S. Production Forecast and Decreased Canadian Outlook:

  • U.S. Corn Production - Forecast at 15.4B bu with a yield of 183.6 bu/ac.  This compares to the USDA’s 14.8B bu of production and 174.6 bu/ac yield.
  • U.S. Soybean Production - Forecast at 4.5B bu with a yield of 51.3 bu/ac.  This compares to the USDA’s 4.3B bu of production and 50.0 bu/ac yield.
  • U.S. Hard Red Winter Wheat Production - Forecast at 45.5 bu/ac.  This compares to the USDA’s yield forecast of 44.5 bu/ac (includes all winter wheat varieties).
  • Canadian Spring Wheat Production - Forecast at 773.1M bu with a yield of 47.9 bu/ac.  This compares to the AAFC’s 601.1M bu of production and 36.4 bu/ac yield (includes spring wheat and winter wheat, excludes durum wheat).
  • Canadian Soybean Production - Forecast at 222.9M bu with a yield of 42.2 bu/ac.  This compares to the AAFC’s 220.6M bu of production and 41.5 bu/ac yield.

To unlock access to Barchart’s insights on crop production and yield you can sign-up for our free U.S. Crop Production Report and Canadian Crop Production Report, access daily updates by subscribing to cmdtyView Pro, or use our enterprise-grade APIs.

Crop production forecasts from Barchart help users stay ahead of the curve throughout the 2021 growing season. We will continue to increase access to our crop production and yield forecasts and look forward to expanding into additional markets, including South America, later this year! Sign up to receive product updates here so you never miss a beat.

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